Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Hello Everyone,

For the past three weeks that Enhance Community Quarantine was implemented in the Philippines, a lot of people who are living on a daily basis are now trying to go out to find food that they can provide for their Family. So many situation are happening now where parents are going out to look for food for their kids. If this situation will continue, the quarantine will not end soon. So many people will be infected and the Corona Virus is already in our community in San Andres Bukid Manila.

In an effort to Help the People in San Andres Bukid and in different places of Metro Manila, True Manila is creating this fund raising to help more people in different communities so that the parents will stay in their houses and avoid going out so we can stop the spread of the virus.

Although all of us are affected, this is the time to give more help out there, as long as the people are Inside their Homes and Receiving the help that they need for their Family, we can help end this problem soon. This is the time for you to Help because the Government of the Philippines cannot do this alone, we need more people to start helping to end this crisis so it will get out of countrol.


1. Your help will go directly to the Families affected by the enhance community quarantine in the Philippines.
2. We will make more PPE Suits and Mask that my friend from JAIL JEANS CLOTHING already developed that we can give to the FRONTLINERS that we can reach.
3. ALL OF YOUR DONATIONS, will be listed from one cent to the biggest amount we can get to make sure it will go 100% to the people affected by COVID 19.
4. There will be no middle man in sending all of the help that we will gather, all of it will be distributed according to what their situation and how big is the family.
5. I will make videos and photos of all the people who will receive your help, wether if we give CASH ASSISTANCE, FOOD PACKS, PPE’s, MASKS and any help coming from You.


1. Thru facebook we will send your help by communicating to all the people who can connect us to the people who need help but have no social media account. I will form a team of friends who can bring all of these help that you sent. 2. I will contact each friends of mine living from different areas to bring the help to their neighbors or nearby places where they can bring the help. 3. If they have a car, they can bring the help for FRONTLINERS who are on each checkpoint. 4. Each friends of mine who will volunteer to help will Follow Rules of Social Distancing. 5. They will be wearing this PPE’s suit and Mask if they have to bring the help outside. But if they are only giving the food to the nearby areas, they can message the people nearby who needs help to pick up the food from their houses or Cash Assistance. 6. A Video will be made each time we give the food or cash assistance to make sure all of this are Black and White in terms of letting our Sponsors know what and where their help was sent and a Total amount of help we managed to give will be posted on our Fund Raising Album.


1. Food ( canned goods, noodles, etc. )
2. Vegetables, Fish
3. Masks and PPE’s
4. Isoprophyl Alcohol and Soap

Please send the transcation Receipt of your donation to my facebook page True Manila so we can make a list of all the donations that we will receive for this project. In the meantime we will use this Album to receive and Monitor all your donations and when we finish the Website, we will transfer everything on it. E when you use remitly, you can include the pick up will be at LBC or Cebuana Lhuiller and there are branches everywhere so it is easy to pick up.

You must indicate that the Monetary donation is for Helping the People in the Philippines Affected by Covid 19 Crisis.

1. We will send you a confirmation that we received your donations after you sent us a picture of your transaction receipt
2. Just let us know if you do not want your name to be mentioned, we can just mention the Country and City where you are from to make sure we know where the help is coming from. This is for security purposes in case the banks asked us again where and why we are asking for Donations.

These are the reasons why all of this must be documented including a video because we are not an organization, we just want to help and do our part as an ordinary person to fight and help the People in the Philippines and do our part to make sure no one will suffer from this crisis.

I am Edwin Nombre and i am making this Fund Raising to help the people of my country and to do my part as a Filipino. I am Encouraging my friends and Asking for their HELP to Support this Fund Raising so we can Help more Families, poor or not who are suffering from the Crisis of Covid 19. I created this Facebook page True Manila 2009 and but started since 2007 and still actively running this Community Project until today.

Copy the link below to redirect you to the videos we made in the community with the help of a good friend Drew Binsky.

Thank You Very Much

Edwin Nombre Pamanian

Drew Binsky – follow-up video

Friday, August 18th, 2017

Drew Binsky went back to San Andres Bukid to meet Edwin, and make a follow-up video, where they used 1/3 of your donations ($500) to see what they could buy and deliver to the people living in poverty. If you’d like to help, you can send a donation here. Edwin makes daily live videos, so […]