Facebook hacked!

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Hello guys! Unfortunately, the original True Manila Facebook account was hacked: (See also Video below) Our first True Manila page was HACKED…and we do not control it anymore. If you received a message from True Manila Page, IT IS NOT FROM US ANYMORE You can message us here: https://www.facebook.com/True-Manila-by-Edwin-Nombre-102883877858674/  and ask me for a video and we […]

What is True Manila?

True Manila is a charity supporting homeless children and families living in poverty within

various communities in The Philippines

How is True Manila helping? – Donations

True Manila distributes the donations arriving from all over the world to those who need it most.

donate groceries
donate Groceries
School supplies
Educational fees
donate groceries
Other necessities
Monetary donations

How is True Manila helping? – Meals

Provides meals to children

local street-food booths
purchased from
local street-food booths
boost’s the local initiative
and nourishes the hungry.

How is True Manila helping? – Projects

Implements different projects that enhance the children’s education. These projects also help to develop new interests and
engage the children in activities away from street gangs. There have been plenty of projects going on since 1988. Some
examples are:

houses for homeless families
Building houses for homeless families
Rebuilding housess
Rebuilding houses for victims of fire that took place in the community
Free haircuts
cinema camera
Cinemondays and cinefridays
Family days
Invite a kid for a month
birthday cake
Happy birthday.
planting trees
Planting trees

How can I contribute?

There are various ways to help…

Volunteering in Manila
Support family
Running donation campaigns


If you are in the city of Manila and you are willing to help: please get in touch with
us here or contact Edwin Nombre directly on Facebook. We will happily set up an
appointment so you can join us in one of the next True Manila experiences.