for those of you who doesn’t know, i am here in the US in LA and working kn something so we can helo more street kids and less fortunate families in different community. One of my friend Christian from Switzerland sent me some help while i am here so i can use the money for transportation and buying food and a place to live in case i run out of place to stay.

So far i am lucky to have friends here in LA who are giving me food, giving me ride, inviting me in their house and even paying for my hotel when i run out of options. Thank You to my friends who helped me while i am here. My 14 dollars budget is still strong and not leaving my pocket. So this is what i did for the help that my friend from Switzerland sent to me.

I sent it to the volunteers back in manila and we bought sacks of rice and canned goods to give ti the family leaving in the street that we are supporting and to some of the 12 street kids that we removed from the street. They are taken cared now by families that we know and i would like to extend my Thanks to all new friends i met from West Covina, Baldwin Park, Corona, San Bernardino, and JIL Church in Ontario for their support to True Manila. We sent a Balikbayan Box full of Toothbrush, school supplies, clothes, shampoo, soap and chocolates for the people that we are helping there. Their help can feed and support the 12 kids and their new family back in the province of Laguna and Pangasinan and have food to eat and allowance for going to school everyday for a month.

😊 Thank You!
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after six months of helping Andrew we finally found a Family who can help him with his medicine, to look after him away from the street and bad influences and to guide him as he move forward with his life. All the sacrifices and challenges in taking care of Andrew is all worth it 🙂

Thanks to our friends from Switzerland 🇨🇭 after they met Andrew, they decided to help him and now we can help another kid in the street because of their help to Andrew. Big Thanks to Christian, Flo, Selena, Nanay and Tatay and the whole Family from Tarlac and Emma. Thanks for Helping Andrew 🙂 and for removing him away from the community.
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This is Angel 5yo and she live in the street with her family since she was a baby. Every morning you will see her waiting for me to wake up, She would offer of always helping me in cleaning the street and watering the plants and adding more plants 🌱 in the community. After watering the plants, she would come inside our house and i will teach her how to cook the food that we are going to eat. She loves cooking so much! There are times that i cannot cook but before leaving the house to find work, a local restaurant are selling Champorado which is also Angel’s favorite breakfast. It’s a sticky rice with cocoa and milk.

She is one of the kid that we are helping at the community. Hopefully this year i can start a business and help her parents by giving them a job so they can find a home to live and we can help Angel start going to school.

Thank You to those who are helping them. All of your help are distributed to as many people that we can help as much as possible.

Thanks also tor buying the true manila shirts. All proceeds goes to all the kids and families that we sre helping.

Thank You to Chris and Jane Bray and Friends, R.Dube,R.Antiga, Ate Gigi Kuya Ed and Giced Angeles, J.C. Gonzales and JIL Church Ontario, Tita H. Bagay, T. Ulrich and Family, Nelson Villacampa, Houssam Guaddache, A. Pritchard, F. Hamiti, Greg T. Author, Perez Family, M. Abrenica, M. Karnopp, D.Gail Cruto, MyGadgetSale, L.Kreibich, S. Mckenna, B.Marton, P.Mullen, Fresh Express Sg, G. Vargas, O. Brinkman, S. Saribay, Fab Romano, T.Voss, N. Webb, D. Lorenzana, H. Sćhonmetz, R. Simonian, H. Wagner, D. Cabacungan, C. Van de Boom, C. San Diego, G. Khaziran, J. Press, J.A Teodoro, R. Rost, T. Haque, Y. Joaquin, R. Deleon, F. Auger, P.W. Chong, J. Zhang, F. Du Bois, M. Sørensen, A. Esquievel, I. Schefflee, Arce Telemarketing, H. Kabir, M. Garcia and Ricky Dube 🙂
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Thanks to all who supported True Manila and those who become a part of our never ending year of learning and challenging year 2018 to help the street kids in the community and outside manila. We will continue supporting all the kids that we removed from the street and the poor families who never hesitate in helping these kids have a home to live. Most specially Thanks to God who never leave us even if we are facing a lot of challenges and doing so many mistakes. Thank You also to all whom who messaged me but i never get the chance to see their message until today and those whom i misunderstood their message and my reply, i am sorry.

Have a good second day of 2019 from the cold weather of los angeles where i am working on how we can make more dreams come true to all the kids who become a part of our life.

Thank You Very Much Everyone and a Very Happy Second Day of New Year!
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Thank You Very Much to the amazing effort of James Delfin and His Team for organizing the 3rd Yearly Christmas Party for 100 Grandparents and 50 Parents with their kids yesterday!

Thanks also to Ana from Adelaide Australia for the Sack of Rice that we gave to the Grandparents, to Lilia Papa for the Blanket, to Alex, Lou and Lukas Mennard for their time to visit us, to Andreas and Christine for helping the volunteers and to Noel for the soundsystem.

Thank You Very Much to the Team Cavite :
Marla Regalado (for catering)
Raymond Logro (for service vehicle)
Ze Rho (for crowd control)
Grace Lozano Jimenez (crowd control)
Edw Pam (for making this possible)
Ry Ann Finee Varona-Medina (photo booth)
Jeng Fontanilla Legaria (Donations)
Jonella Suansing (Donations)
Yuki Adam Inocente Kinjiyo (Hosting)
Aaron Andres (for help in fundraising)
Tsinee Lagrada Cang (for support)
Rona Soliman Pineda (for support & Donations)
1-800 print clients (Donations)

None of these are possible without your time and kindness.

Thank You Very Much!

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